crowley and califf
June 14, 2024

BIO 2024 Recap

Amazing BIO Conference in San Diego last week!

The key lesson that I learned at the BIO conference was that the most common traits among scientists are hard work and resiliency.

I had the opportunity to attend some incredible sessions including the following:

  • BIO CEO John Crowley + FDA Commissioner Robert Califf had a great discussion on supply chain resiliency, accelerated approvals, and more.
  • John Crowley + Admiral Bill McRaven had a great conversation and the Admiral reminded us that Every day you’ve got something to prove and The only easy day was yesterday.
  • Matt Gline, CEO of Roivant shared his firm’s success and the “perceived uncertainty” of the upcoming election.
  • Awesome Serotiny story — biotech start-up by brothers Colin and Justin Farlow that was just acquired by J&J.
  • Alex Zhavoronkov and other panel members lived up to the discussion name:  AI’s Trial by Fire 🔥.
  • Both the WIB speed networking event and Empowering Women’s Health presentations were awesome.
  • CAR-T and other autologous drugs are super expensive to make — are they sustainable?
  • Lots of AI discussions — if you’re not incorporating AI, you will be at a huge disadvantage.
  • Finally, I had the honor of chatting with 5x biotech founder Dan Adams, and his advice for hiring:  “Only hire nice people”.

 Looking forward to next year’s BIO conference in Boston, see you then!

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