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BIO 2024 Recap

Amazing BIO Conference in San Diego last week! The key lesson that I learned at the BIO conference was that the most common traits among scientist ...

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Spring has sprung!

This 2024 spring has been interesting……… As we wait for the interest rates to fall (what happened to March?!?) and the decision makers stall ...

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Make the Leap

Are you in academia and want to make the leap to industry? Or maybe you’re in industry and ready for a new role? Let’s discuss how to make that l ...

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Today I strolled down the driveway to find 10 utility trucks parked in front of my house with a 12’ hole dug in my yard.(I hadn’t been warned thi ...

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The Scavenger Hunt

What’s a scavenger hunt, you ask? If you missed out on this as a kid, a scavenger hunt is a game where you and your friends race to find items (or ...

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Be prepared

For 100+ years, the Boy Scouts have preached as their motto:  Be prepared. I’m learning to heed this advice more as I head out on adventure ...

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Advice from Mark Murcko — Building great teams and companies

It was incredible to have the renowned scientist Mark Murcko attend the BioBreakfast meeting in Pittsburgh this week.  He’s so down ...

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Overcommunication is the Key to Success

Have you ever heard anyone say that they received too much communication in the interview process?  I’m guessing not.  When you’re wait ...

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What others say about KOB Solutions

Through my 20+ year career in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, I have worked with and been contacted by numerous recruiters. Initial contacts have ranged from automated messages to requests to include my resume in a database of candidate resumes. Unlike these impersonal approaches, Kerry Boehner of kobsolutions contacted me directly and had clearly done research to know my background and skill set. While working with Kerry, she went beyond simple skill matching and took the time to understand what roles I was interested in and what companies would be compatible with my career goals. Not only did she identify opportunities that met my needs, but she continued to work with me during the interview process and after to ensure I was satisfied with my new role. kobsolutions is always my recommendation to colleagues looking for new opportunities.

Kirk DeLisle
Colorado Computational, Founder and President

Kerry reached out with an opportunity that was in line with what I was looking for and that I was excited about. She was a great advocate for both the company and myself. She is an excellent resource with a lot of connections, and I would not hesitate to partner with Kerry again!

Director of Product Development

I have collaborated with Kerry for two decades across various organizations. She has consistently been my preferred recruiter for sourcing exceptional talent, particularly in roles that require unique skill sets and in challenging locales. The best hires of my career have been made possible through Kerry’s expert recruitment skills. I wholeheartedly recommend her for your recruiting needs.

V.P. and CSO

Up to almost half a year ago, I was an academic trying to get a foot in the door of industry research positions. For a good year, I was constantly editing my resume, attending seminars on how to get into industry, networking, and doing my best to standout as a candidate. Then I got a call from Kerry that my resume and background fit well for a position. She described the job position and role, what the company was like, what the hiring manager was like and wanted for his team. During the whole process, I felt well supported and informed. Kerry is very good at understanding what candidates are looking for and what hiring managers are looking for, and she carefully makes the match. She also is good at coaching people prior to interviews. Having Kerry is like having a teammate during stressful times of looking for the right job. I would highly recommend anyone, looking for a job or looking to hire, to contact Kerry as soon as possible!