Since 2001, KOB Solutions has evolved into a niche, highly focused biotech recruiting firm. We provide the service and results that retained search firms do, without the risk. We’re well connected in the biotech industry and have numerous channels available to us. In today’s competitive landscape, you need someone who not only can find the talent, you also need someone who can market your company and opportunity. At KOB, we are all about connections and relationships. We know how to “connect” with candidates and how to pitch your value proposition.

We’d be happy to share some recent successfully filled searches if you’d like.

The following provides some insights into how we operate:

  • daily to weekly communication on all aspects of the search
  • crafting personalized job descriptions, highlighting the unique aspects of your firm and the role
  • listening and tweaking the search as it continues to be refined
  • helping you understand the current market challenges
  • offering tips on how to hire the best candidate who will be with you in the long run
  • incorporating diversity and inclusion strategies to enhance the candidate pool and foster an inclusive workplace environment
  • providing a slate of candidates that meet your criteria, as well as candidates that may bring different qualities
  • offering guidance on compensation and benefits packages to attract the best candidates
  • negotiating the offer so it’s a win-win for both candidates and clients
  • ensuring the “marriage” is a great fit for both parties
  • upholding confidentiality throughout the recruitment process to protect both candidates and clients
  • persevering until the match is found and onboarding is complete!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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