May 9, 2024

Spring has sprung!

This 2024 spring has been interesting………

As we wait for the interest rates to fall (what happened to March?!?) and the decision makers stall due to the impending election, I get the vibe we’re springing forward and yet at the same time, slipping back a bit. 2 steps forward, 1 step back?  Or this week a colleague suggested, 2 steps forward, 3 steps back.  I’ll take the optimist view point 😊

So what do we do now as we hang out in the holding pattern?

Of course, we focus on the process.  The results will come, maybe not as quickly as we’d like to see.  But we can still make the phone calls, follow up with clients, and be proactive.

Another avenue to explore, spring cleaning!

This is a great time to not only give your work space a physical cleaning (rearranging the office, shredding those documents, decluttering!), but also the computer files.  This might include:

·        Follow up and organize those emails that are hanging out in your “deal with it later” box.

·        Update your contact lists – including clients, vendors, colleagues.

·        Organize and archive contracts and other documents.

·        Make updates to your social media accounts (and website!)

·        Review your financials, assess your budget, check on invoices and payments, and plan for future expenses.

·        Consider personal development to update your skills and knowledge.  What areas will benefit you going forward?

We don’t have to wait around for the economy to get better for us to take action.  After a little spring cleaning of your physical spaces and computer drives, we will feel refreshed and ready to go. Summer is around the corner, and we can make this summer the best one yet.  

Whether you’re headed to sunny San Diego for the June BIO conference or some other event in a new city, this is a great time to expand your horizons.  And if you’re staying local, be sure to reach out to colleagues and arrange some pickleball and golf.  Or maybe a kombucha or cocktail with colleagues.

Once we’ve dusted off the winter grime, we’ll be ready to rock summer 2024!