February 5, 2024

Overcommunication is the Key to Success

Have you ever heard anyone say that they received too much communication in the interview process?  I’m guessing not.  When you’re waiting to hear back from a job application or waiting to set up an onsite interview or anticipating a job offer, have you ever received too much communication?  Probably not.  I’m not sure it’s possible to over communicate in the recruiting and hiring process. 

For Candidates, if you’re currently interviewing or expect to interview soon, consider these ways to communicate more:

  • When you receive an email, respond quickly (ideally within a few hours).
  • When you receive a calendar invite for an interview or phone call, click YES.
  • During the interview, ask relevant questions about the problems they’re facing and offer potential solutions.
  • When the interview is over, request feedback and send a thank you note.
  • When your dream job goes to someone else, respond with a “thank you for your time and let’s keep in touch”.
  • When you have other onsite interviews being scheduled and offers coming in, let your recruiter and hiring manager know. 
  • When the references are requested, respond quickly with that information.
  • When you need to do the drug screen or background check, or send back the NDA, don’t delay!
  • When an issue comes up with any part of the process, please communicate 🙂

For the hiring Companies (and recruiting firms), your communication is the first impression you leave with your next potential employee. They will appreciate the following:

  • Include the names and titles of the full panel on the interview schedule.
  • Provide honest feedback at every stage.  
  • Share hiring timeline.
  • Offer some tips on finding homes in the area, help connect with a realtor, and provide resources to ensure the move goes smoothly.
  • Check in while the move is on-going to see if there are any issues.

It’s not just the quantity of communication, it’s also the quality.  Genuine enthusiasm, clear communication, and business demeanor are all much appreciated.

And communication is a two-way street.  The best communicators are the best listeners. 

My motto is “communication is the key to success”. 

When it comes to working with both clients and candidates, perhaps overcommunication is the key to success!